Parking-Data is the first data broker for parking lots in Romania. We aim to collect important information about all public and private parking lots in Romania that are useful to all drivers and users of parking spaces.

Parking-Data is the Vegacomp Consulting brand for Smart Parking

The Vegacomp team’s concern for parking started in 2015 with the first Smart City pilot project for Telekom Romania, carried out in Sector 4 in Bucharest. In this project, Telekom Romania was to install 126 parking sensors brought from Italy from Kiunsys. We installed these first parking sensors in April 2016, which were ultrasonic, they had a controller that communicates with 30 sensors on the radio, at 868 MHz, on a proprietary communication protocol. We mounted 5 controllers on lighting poles, which communicated with a UTP cable gateway, and the gateway was connected to the Internet via fiber optic cable. The first experience of installing buried parking sensors was interesting by using a special core to drill holes in asphalt or concrete in the shortest time and with as little dirt as possible. We installed the first 126 parking sensors in 3 days in the Youth Park in Sector 4.

This was followed by the second experience in Constanța, at the second Smart City pilot project implemented for Telekom Romania between March and April 2017. Here we installed 60 parking sensors produced by ZTE that operated on LoRa. 50 were for positive (legal) parking and 10 sensors were for negative (illegal) parking in front of the Sports Hall in Constanța. These 60 parking sensors communicated LoRa with 2 controllers that had solar panels. After a few months, they asked us to supply those controllers with electricity because the solar panels brought by ZTE had syncopes in operation.

In 2017, together with another partner, we set up a startup called IOTIFY Solutions, with the help of which we set out to make a parking sensor produced in Romania, which would work on LoRa, different from the sensors installed so far, which would work much better. After a year, we had the first functional parking sensors and installed them in Alba Iulia in December 2017. We expanded the installations in Brașov, Cluj, Bucharest and even abroad, in Bulgaria and London. Because we did not receive orders we had to close the startup.

Between 2018 and 2020, we installed 2040 indoor parking sensors in the AFI Cotroceni mall, in 2 stages. It was a very interesting experience, because there is a big difference when you install 10-100 sensors and something else is when you install over 2000 sensors. In addition, at AFI we installed a complete intelligent parking management system, consisting of parking sensors, 2 inductive loops (for monitoring 451 places from the roof top), 600 beacons, display / guidance panels and the platform software. One year after the installation of the first stage with approximately 1400 parking sensors, I noticed in the management software platform that the 1400 sensors had generated over 1 million visits (parking events).

From this moment we started our journey in the world of data generated by parking lots. Since 2019 we have been working on all kinds of analyzes, scenarios with parking data and thus we have developed tools for analysis, data visualization and optimization of parking use.

We now have a brand called Parking-Data, dedicated to parking.

We have a new parking sensor in research / development, produced in Romania, with amorphous magnetic materials produced in Romania in collaboration with the Institute of Technical Physics in Iasi, which we hope to be able to launch in the market in the first quarter of 2021.

We have several valuable partners and highly experienced collaborators, especially in the area of data, Big Data and data visualization.



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