Apartament cu loc de parcare inclus sau nu? De ce?

If the problem of finding a home is already solved, another urgent need appears, most of the time – that of a parking space. As the number of car owners is increasing, and the very location of some housing complexes requires owning a car, the question arises: am I looking for an apartment with a parking space included or do I rely on the availability of parking spaces in the area? Why?

“In the central areas of big cities, the parking space for an apartment is a place, while in the rest of the areas, it is a normality. There are many families who have two cars, and then the need increases, but the cost of parking is also different. The apartment can have a specific cost with one parking space and another cost if it has two parking spaces included”, says Cornel Bărbut, general director of Vegacomp Consulting.

The apartment with a parking space included makes sense for some categories of people and companies and therefore varies in price depending on the area, but also on the type of building – apartment in a new or old block or in a villa.

“There are some projects that provide for the construction of houses, villas or blocks with a parking space on the terrace, with a car lift. As an alternative, the apartment may not have the included parking for the car, but it could instead have options for alternative transport – parking for bicycles, charging stations for electric cars”, says Cornel Bărbut.

A major problem exists in the case of parking spaces in new real estate developments, which need a local legislative framework for citizens. “Currently, developers are favored, not citizens.

Paying 70,000 euros for an apartment and another 10,000 or 15,000 euros for a parking space is completely absurd. Changes are needed, with solutions for all three involved parties – developer, citizen, town hall.”

A Vegacomp Consulting analysis shows that Romania had 1.17 million public parking spaces last year, about 20,000 more than in 2020, for a total of about 9 million cars, as estimated by the national car park, the revenues obtained last year from city ​​hall from the use of parking lots and from fines totaling 160 million lei.

Source:Ziarul financiar