• 12,186,915 lei, revenue from fines for non-compliance with parking regulations
  • 7,713,818 lei, revenue from the removal of illegally parked cars
  • Sector 3, Bucharest, has the highest revenue from public parking places – 32,877,695 lei collected in 2022
  • 1,299,318 public spaces in 2022, compared to 1,275,603 public spaces in 2021 and 1,174,941 public spaces in the previous year

Bucharest, 16 November 2023 – Turnkey smart solutions integrator Vegacomp Consulting publishes the fourth edition of its Public Parking Inventory analysis, according to which Romania had 1,299,318 public parking spaces in 2022, compared to 1,275,603 in 2021 and 1,174,491 in 2020.

“In this edition, we see a significant increase in revenue from the operation of public parking in Romania, from 140 million in 2019, to over 200 million obtained at the end of 2021 and more than 314 million in 2022. At the same time, the report also includes a special chapter on the revenue area to determine the efficiency by which these parking spaces are monetised: their accessibility, the value per space, but also the average level of pricing and fluctuation, from city to city. The Municipality of Sector 3 is at the top of the ranking, taking into account size, population and number of registered cars, with the highest revenue from public parking spaces”, says Cornel Barbuț, CEO of Vegacomp Consulting.

With a 12% tolerance on the accuracy rate of municipalities’ responses, the total number of seats could reach 1,438,787 in 2022.

According to the analysis, there are 145 cities in Romania that charge for the use of parking spaces and 141 municipalities that do not – excluding the 20 municipalities that did not respond to the request for information for this report.

The charge for parking in residential areas varies between 30 and 120 lei in small towns and between 70 and 600 lei in large cities. For season tickets, rental prices range from 15 lei/month to 1,000 lei/month. The hourly occupancy rate for public pay car parks varies between 1 and 5 lei, except in Cluj and Oradea, where the maximum limit reaches 10 lei, similar to the figures recorded in 2021.

The ranking of public parking spaces is led by Bucharest, followed at a considerable distance by Timisoara and Brasov.

The top ranking of cities that earned revenue from fines for non-compliance with parking regulations is led by Oradea (2,954,572 lei), Reșița (1,829,100 lei) and Timișoara (1,512,515 lei), which are the leaders in the control of parking fee payments.

From the ranking of the cities that have in evidence the revenues from the collection of illegally parked cars, it appears that the municipality of Constanta is the best in this chapter with 1,377,146 lei collected, followed by Sector 4 (Bucharest) and Craiova.

The fourth edition of the analysis is available here:  inventarul-parcarilor-publice_2023_ro

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