Our partners help us to provide varied and complete services for the digitization of parking spaces.

For parking sensors we work with FLS Portier from Finland (sensors and management platform installed at AFI Cotroceni): https://www.portier.fi/ and with Smart City System from Germany: https://smart-city-system.com/en /parking-sensor/

To visualize the availability of parking spaces we work with 3 mobile applications: Parking Spotter (parking-spotter.com), Uppark (https://www.faplata-parcarii-cu-telefonulstpark.ro//) and City Parking: https: / /cityparking.io/.

We also have other partners with whom we work on an interoperability model focused on the customer and the future.

We are looking for partners with whom we will digitize parking spaces together, optimize and improve their efficiency and functionality and make better use of parking data.




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