The management of a car park involves the management of data as efficiently as possible, related to the use or non-use of parking spaces.

  • Without an international standard for the format of a parking report, APDS – Alliance for Parking Data Standards established in 2018 is at the second version of the standard in which parking data is structured.

  • The way of structuring the parking data from APDS is intended to publish open data useful to society and the community


In Romania we want and ask the Romanian authorities to publish open data about public parking. If you’re wondering how to do that? You have the guide made by the government in 2018 “Methodology for publishing open data” and the Parking-Data team is at your disposal to support you.

Metodologie date deschise

Parking Data supports all parking administrators and owners in developing different reports that are useful in making decisions to optimize the use of those parking lots.

Here are some examples of reports:

Revenue on indoor / outdoor parking sensors

Occupancy rate on the parking space – at different time intervals (working day – 8 – 18, evening, weekend, etc.)

Total number of parking lots (cars that parked) on a well-defined floor or area



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